Old Mill Road – 1st Draft – 20%

Working away on Old Mill RoadEvery writer wants to write, but then inevitably something gets in the way of writing. I had anticipated working on Old Mill Road much more than I have over the past few months, but I’m treading on a patch of unpredictable new ground. I’ve been distracting myself with a series of short stories, and attempting to make a strong marketing push for Shady Palms at the same time. But now game time has finally arrived and my cleats are strapped on tight.

I’ve been making a lot of headway on the story lately, which makes me very happy. Mostly I’ve been submerged in the mind of my characters, attempting to flesh out what would make them tick if they were real people. In addition to translating the old screenplay into the novel, I have been adding extra scenes as well as making notes for other scenes yet to come. Overall, I think the scope of character development has expanded well past what I ever thought it would.

Old Mill Road deals with a lot of psychological horror – a subject I love but have never really written too much of. There have been a couple times over the past few weeks that I’ve been deep in thought, saturating my brain with how scared my characters must feel, when my wife sent me a text message or an incoming call vibrated my phone across the desk, and it scared the shit out of me. Of course I laughed it off, but it really got me thinking: What would it really be like to see a ghost? To be so scared that you can’t speak or move, so incapacitated by fear that you can only watch horror unfold?

I’ve toyed with the thought, dreamt of the possible interactions, and secretly wished I could experience something first hand on the occasion when I’ve visited a haunted location. I can only imagine it’s terrifying to really see a ghost. I’m sure some of you know exactly how frightening it can be and I’m sure some of you think those that have experienced something are just a bunch of loons. I’m not saying ghost are real, but I kind of feel pulled in that direction just based on some of the stuff I have experienced in my own personal life. I’ve also watched Ghost Hunters since the first episode, so I think I have an idea how an actual spirits could manifest itself.

I’m not here to debate evidence of life after death. I write horror stories, soI kind of need to know shit about ghosts if I’m going to put them in a story. What I do know for sure is that if I’m scaring myself just writing this stuff, then I can only imagine how some of you are going to react when you finally get to read Old Mill Road. I’m working on making that day happen sooner than later.

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