December Ramblings

I can’t believe December is here already and speeding past us as we speak. I keep glancing over at the copy of Shady Palms I received from the editor, but I’m going to wait until the first of the year to start tackling that again.

Tonight I wrapped the first draft of a piece of erotic fiction I’m current calling “Caught White-Handed.” What makes this story unique is that it is the first piece of pure erotica I have ever written. There’s no blood, violence, or supernatural creatures, but somehow I managed to keep it interesting. At least, I think so.

Last week we repainted our office, so everything was in an upheaval for a few days. While I was stroking my paint roller along the wall, I started having visions of an attractive nude woman applying clown makeup. One thing leads to another; I pulled out my iPhone, fired up my Moleskine app and started outlining things. Last week I have a few hours to start the first draft which buzzed right along. This week, in-between the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, I managed to wrap the story.

The present word count is around 4,800 words. I think it’s a bit bloated, but then again, first drafts tend to be. My plan is to wrap the second draft next week and then pass it along to some beta readers before I send it to my editor. After that I think I’m going to shop it around for a bit. If nobody bites, I’ll publish it for free or at least post an excerpt. Something along those lines….still a little early to tell.

In other news, I submitted “Pixie Cut” to an erotic horror anthology. I should know by the end of the month if it’s been accepted or not. If not, there are a few other places I would like to submit it before I give it away. So far the few people who have read it have loved it, but they are not editors.

Back to the drawing board…after thinking long and hard about it, I think I’m going to bump Old Mill Road to the front of the line and start the first draft of that novel. I already have the screenplay written from A-Z, so it will be fun to fill in the blanks and really get inside the character’s heads.

Stay tuned…


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