Eye Buzz – 1st Draft

While my novel Shady Palms is currently awaiting a date with my editor, I’ve decided to pump out a few short stories that have been creeping around me head for a while.

The first of these shorts I’m calling “Eye Buzz” for now. The story crossed my mind while I was sitting in a panel at Comic-Con over the summer. I wanted to crank out something that was just quick and dirty to give people a better taste of the type of fiction I’m planning on writing. As of now, the genre falls somewhere between erotic horror and urban fantasy. The erotica doesn’t necessarily drive the story, yet I wrote the piece to highlight some horrific sex. In the end, I’ll just let the readers decide. I’m calling it a horror story, and after the buzz words thrown around by publishers fade away, it will still be a horror story.

I own an iPhone and I love it. Just like most of the other geeks out there, I can’t wait for them to release the next version, so I’m always browsing the tech blogs for hints of what’s to come. I couldn’t help but laugh when an iPhone prototype was lost for the second time. Those events, plus my own love for the horrific and supernatural, prompted me to write the story.

The current draft is just over 5100 words. I have a lot of fat to dissect from this one at this point, but I wrote the story mostly from the hip. At Comic-Con, I scrawled a quick synopsis in my notebook. On September 29, I sat down, created the manuscript on my PC, and typed out a quick outline of where I wanted things to flow. I also did some brainstorming and developed my characters names, the location the story would take place and researched a few extra tidbits.

I’m not exactly sure what I want to do with the story once it’s done. I really just wanted to see if I could write it in the short time frame I gave myself. I’ll try to submit the final draft to a few places I’ve been keeping an eye on, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll just throw it out there for people to enjoy.

If all goes according to plan, I’ll have this one polished off before Thanksgiving gets here.

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