Ostara – Filming Begins


Ostara - a short erotic film by Allen DuskIt has long been a goal of mine to create a short erotic film for the sole purpose of submitting it to Dan Savage’s HUMP Film Festival. The challenge for me is that there is a 5 minute time limit on all submissions. I have a tendency for writing long-winded narratives, so it’s a challenge for me to keep things short. Several months ago I finally came up with the idea for an Easter fetish film that I tentatively titled Ostara. In a round about way, according to some historians, Ostara is the Germanic goddess from whom we have derived the spring festival of Easter. If you’ve read or watched Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, then you may recognize the name of this springtime beauty.

Over the past several months I’ve been quietly experimenting with some new video styles I wanted to use for the project. I’ve also been spending long hours skimming through royalty free music sites to find just the right music for the project. I’m still dialing it in, but I have few melodies picked out. Right now I’m weighing between a bouncy EDM track and a darker synthwave piece that is a throwback to the 80s. I’ve also been searching for the actress/model who would be destined to become my Ostara. As luck would have it, I stumbled across Portland-based model Ivy Aura, who was posting samples of her content to social media that were sort of along the line of what I was hoping to use for the film.

This past Saturday, Ivy and I finally connected and set the cameras rolling. She was true professional, and a delight to work with – my mind is already trying to skip ahead to another project we could work on. My level of sarcasm and humor run high when I’m shooting, and she bested me several times with her wit. Now the pressure is on, because not only do I want to create a film that gets selected for HUMP, but I also want to create something that everybody involved will be pleased with. There is no guarantee that Ostara will even get selected for HUMP, so I am emotionally ready if that doesn’t happen. I’ve racked up a few film festival entries and awards in a former life, so I am well aware of the risks and rewards of this gamble. It nothing else, I’ll have a new project for my portfolio,

September 14 is the deadline for HUMP submissions. I’ll be very busy between now and then while I assemble this kinky effort that I am sure will leave some of you scratching your heads, and some of you wringing out your panties. You can follow me on this journey through my Instagram account where I post related photos with the hashtag #OstaraFilm.

Stay tuned and wish me luck!

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