Planchette Film Completed & Submitted

Planchette - a short erotic film by Allen DuskI’m happy to announce that I completed the final cut of Planchette about 2 weeks ago.

Planchette is a love letter to 80’s B horror movies, complete with all of their VHS glitches and synthesizer glory. In the shadows of a darkened apartment, a witch accidentally summons a mischevious spirit. The spirit quickly takes the upper hand, and vaporwave hues bathe their bodies as they embark on a journey of satanic lesbian domination. Planchette features Penelope Davenport as the witch and Monday Jones as the satanic dominatrix, with a special satanic cameo by yours truly, and music by Dance with the Dead

I’ve been planning the film since the beginning of the year, and filming occurred in early June. I had an idea of the story I wanted to tell, but I wanted to explore a new visual style for the narrative. Originally I considered using high contrast black and white, then one night I stumbled across the band Dance with the Dead and the idea hit me… I could turn Planchette into 80’s VHS style movie with a darkwave soundtrack. I practiced creating different 80’s style looks with practice footage until I was happy with the results. To top it all off, Dance with the Dead allowed me to use their track Her Ghost from their album The Shape!

I’ve never planned on making any money with these films…they are just an expensive hobby for me. If they help get my name out there, or allow me to collaborate with other creative individuals, then the investment is well worth it. I have at least two more films planned as of now, and somewhere in between, I need to return to writing. Stay tuned…

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