Planchette Wins Audience Choice Award

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown most of my plans in the dumpster fire of 2020, just as I am sure so many of you have experience disruption in your own lives.

During June 2020 the Splice Film Fest transitioned to an online platform. This was great, as the efforts of so many filmmakers could still be enjoyed by viewers. Somewhere in all of the festival festivities, my film Planchette won the Audience Choice Award!


This marks my first award for an artistic erotic film. I’ve won a few other awards for other projects in the past, but this one felt extra special because I’m venturing into a new realm of expression. It’s one thing to think to yourself that you are going to make an erotic film with occult overtones that intentionally looks like a bad copy of a copy of a copy or a copy of a VHS tape. It’s a completely insane take to pull it off with a minimal budget, find actors willing to get naked & naughty for your “vision”, and then to spend hours cursing to yourself as you try to zone in on the “look” and “feeling” of the final product.

The jury is still out on Planchette for a number of other festivals that it was submitted to. Ordinarily, I feel I have a snowball’s chance in hell to even be considered for festival entry, and now COVID-19 has diminished that chance into pissing into the sun. I am honored and grateful for all of the festivals that have selected my films so far. The goal of these experiments was more to prove I could make something erotic in a visual medium without it simply being labeled porn.

Planchette is online for free viewing at I’ve been hosting my films with PornHub because I figured that platform would be less riskier for censorship and maybe even some other people will discover my work.

Right before the US started locking down cities, I had 2 film shoots scheduled back to back on a weekend in March. Hopefully once the pandmemic settles down or is finally ended, I’ll be able to get back to work on those.


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