Caught White-Handed, a Free Excerpt

The features of Michael’s face tensed when he touched the brush above her eye. Warm, steady breaths washed down her neck, permeated the lace of her thin bra, and bristled her nipples. Her line of sight glided across his dark stubble, followed the angle of his jaw, watched his Adam’s apple bob when he swallowed. A few dark ringlets peeked up from the neck of his white T-shirt. His pectoral muscles flexed with slow, hypnotic rhythms while creating his art.

He next selected a fine brush and twirled it within a darker shade of violet. Alison smiled at him before he began tracing details around her eyes. She observed her reflection from the corner of her eye. The tip of the brush painted a thin eyebrow over her new white flesh. When it touched her again, a craving woke from deep within her.

Her gaze wandered back to Michael. She studied the folds in his ears and noticed silver hoops dangling from his earlobes, which she somehow overlooked before. She felt powerless to stop the sudden urge to glance down. She focused on the bulge swelling inside his baggy, striped pants. His arousal reassured her she wasn’t the only one getting turned on.

“Okay, now look towards me.” He held a brush dipped in bright pink greasepaint. He painted her lips with precision before outlining them with a darker shade. His attention to detail prevented him from noticing her eyes undressing him. She crossed her knees and tried to ignore the sweet ache building between her legs.

Michael selected a light pink powder. Clouds resembling shades of cotton candy puffed into the air when he tapped a thick rouge brush against the edge. He raised his head to study the best place to accent her high cheeks when he noticed her attentive stare. Slowly their gazes drifted together until their eyes locked. He quickly looked away.

“So, why do you really want to be a clown?” His fingers trembled as he dusted her cheeks with pink.

“There’s just something about the mystique. I think you can feel safe behind the makeup and be set free of your fears.”

Michael returned a slow nod and set the brush down. The instant its handle dropped from his fingers, Alison leaned over to kiss him, finally surrendering to the impulses surging through her. At first he resisted, but then gave way when her hungry tongue rolled over his lips. Their mouths melted together. She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer.

Diverse Desires by Allen DuskCaught White-Handed
by Allen Dusk

Alison is a small town girl who has fallen into a life of crime while chasing her big dreams. One night, while stealing from a traveling circus, she runs into a mysterious man who kindles a fire deep inside of her. Torn between her desires, she must choose whether to run away from her deepest fears or surrender to her wildest fantasies.

This piece of contemporary erotica has a bit of clown fetish thrown in for added kink.

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