Her Lover’s Touch, a Free Excerpt

She reached out, clawing at the sheets and stared at the edge of the bridge. Each strategic touch from his hands sent joyful delirium coursing through every fluttering nerve fiber in her body.

“Oh god, William! Yes. Yes. Yes!”

Then her dream vanished. Her eyes popped open. Clammy sweat beaded between her breasts in the flickering light of the last lit candle. Orgasmic echoes continued to ravish her flesh before she realized that her lover was gone. Her head rocked from side to side; her hands still clutched the sheets, just as she had in the dream. Inexplicably, she was still coming, harder than ever before and something icy cold was stroking her between the legs.

Katelyn gasped and jumped back against the headboard, knees hugged tight against her chest. Her panic-filled eyes followed a lump gliding beneath the plush, down comforter.

What the hell is that? A swallow gulped past the fearful knot squeezed tight in her throat.

Her trembling hand reached out, grabbed the covers, and threw them over the footboard. The bed was empty, except for the large spot where her tingling pussy had soaked the sheets. She sighed with relief. Her pulse slowed and a sense of calm slowly eased her nerves.

She was about to crawl over and pick the bedding up, when a pair of frigid fingers glided up the center of her back, tracing every knobby contour along her spine. Mystical currents tickled the fine hairs along her arms, making them slowly stand on end. When the sensation reached the base of her neck, terror rippled through her shoulder blades, squeezing the breath from her before she could scream. Sharp fingernails grazed the tender flesh behind her ear, and then something grabbed a fistful of her hair.

Katelyn’s head snapped back. Pain seared every follicle along her scalp. She threw her hands behind her head in an attempt to break free. She expected to feel a pair of hands assaulting her, but instead she found only tendrils of her own hair twisting themselves into knots. Freezing cramps locked her knuckles as if she had reached into a deep artic sea.

A frigid breath moaned in her ear. The tiny bones forming her eardrum twisted and shattered inside her skull. Splintering pain ignited like flashbulbs in the darkness. Katelyn screamed in agony, frantically clawing at her ear.

Warm, wetness blanketed her fingers. She pulled her hand away to stare at fresh crimson glistening in the candlelight. She touched her ear again, gently this time, and realized she could no longer hear.

Diverse Desires by Allen DuskHer Lover’s Touch
by Allen Dusk

A woman trapped alone in a mansion during a severe storm is tormented by the emotions and desires building inside of her. Stranded in the dark with only her hands and imagination to satisfy her cravings, she is forced to travel down an unnatural path in search of the ultimate release.

This piece of paranormal erotic horror will leave you breathless. It’s definitely not for the squeamish at heart.

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Her Lover’s Touch is available in Diverse Desires
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