Pixie Cut, a Free Excerpt

“Hit me with a Mandarin Press, and make it a double.” Screw the beer. Plunging into vodka drinks would help him forgive his friend quicker.

“You got it.”

Justin became entranced by the long pours of liquor that assembled his drink. His spell was broken when somebody suddenly bumped into him. He spun defensively toward the blow and found a blushing smile twisted across a beautiful face.

“Shit, sorry,” she said, nervously twisting a black pigtail on the back of her short shag. Emerald green circles glimmered inside her darling eyes.

“Oh, that’s all right.”

“Is that seat taken?” She stroked blue fingernails over the empty chair beside him.

“No, not at all,” he stuttered. He never did well with girls, especially the pretty ones. “I mean, I was saving it for a friend, but now he’s not coming, so you can have it.”

“Thanks.” Her dark red lips smiled.

Her short, black skirt rose up when she slid onto the bar stool, revealing nearly every inch of her firm, smooth thighs. Just another inch, and he would have known what color of underwear she was wearing, if she was wearing any at all.

“That’ll be six bucks.” The bartender set his drink on a black napkin.

Justin tore his eyes from the dreamy sight and set his cash on the bar. Soft lavender perfume drifted past. He could feel her alluring gaze before he turned to meet it. “Um, can I get you something?”

“Sure, thanks.” A thin eyebrow rose over her right eye. “I’ll have a Purple Haze,” she told the bartender before setting her small, black purse on the bar.

“You got it.” He grabbed a glass and started mixing.

“Where are my manners?” She spun towards him and grabbed his hand. “I’m Claret. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Um, Justin.” His heart fluttered from her velvet-smooth touch. “Do you come here often?” He hated the cliché, but her allure sent the rest of his vocabulary running.

“Actually, this is my first time here. Cute place.” Her eyes flickered between the lanterns hanging over the bar before their focus returned to him.

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool.” His lips flared their signature awkward smile. “I come here a lot.”

“So, Justin, what’s your day job?” She leaned closer to talk over the music pounding through the speakers. Her perfume intoxicated his blood with all the euphoria of morphine.

“Um, I run a tech blog. It’s called Tech Junkeez. Um, maybe you heard of it, CNN mentioned it a few months ago.”

“Sorry.” Her head shook slowly. “Never heard of it. But, this is a great area for that type of thing. Do you make a lot of money doing that?”

“It’s not much, but it’s enough to buy a girl a drink once in a while.”

As if on cue, the bartender slid Claret’s drink across the bar. “That’ll be eight bucks.”

Justin slapped down a ten spot. “Keep it,” he winked. The bartender tipped his hat and promptly confiscated the cash.

She slowly wrapped her lips around the straw and sipped the swirling lavender fluids from the tall glass. “Mmm, that’s good.”

Diverse Desires by Allen DuskPixie Cut
by Allen Dusk

“Pixie Cut” is a horror story ripped from today’s headlines. A tech blogger finds a prototype smart phone in a bar, which he had previously seen in the hands of a beautiful woman. Rather than attempt to return the phone right away, he decides to hang onto it for a while so he can leak its secrets onto the Internet. Little does he know the mysteries of this phone are rooted deep with evil.

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