Terminal Affair, a Free Excerpt

Kinari wandered through the stasis chamber, mesmerized by the stacks of frosted pods clustered around her. On occasion she steadied herself against the safety railing while the gravity systems continued their calibration sequence. A deep yawn stopped her cold in the center of a junction lock. She stretched her arms high above her slender body again, then cringed at the chorus of cracks popping along her joints.

She pressed her face against a porthole, and her breath was snatched away. This corner of space had never before been explored by anyone. Stars surrounding her were light-years beyond constellations from her known universe. Kinari still couldn’t fathom why the Cosmic Senate had approved a mission based solely on data gathered from a probe blasted off course by an exploding pulsar. What was once a cluster of blurred pixels and fractured data now shimmered below. Acidic waves from shallow oceans crashed against metallic shores.

She knew there would be limited chances to shower alone once the rest of the crew woke up. She needed to seize the opportunity while she had it. Anticipation quickened her step, convincing her it was safe to start unzipping her stasis suit. She dumped her clothes inside a hamper droid, then bounced nude across the tile to the closest nozzle. Her fingers slid over the controls.

Heat rained across her athletic physique. Warm lather unwound knots deep inside her back. Kinari dipped her head under the spray of water. A long sigh blew through her lip as heated luxury soaked her scalp.

Steam quickly filled the chamber. Every humid breath rekindled memories from her home world, Umi, in the Aquarius constellation. She pictured double orange sunsets over the rainforest and remembered faces of her friends at the academy. It was difficult to grasp that they had all died generations ago, yet it seemed like she had just boarded the HMS Zenithal yesterday.

Lost in her thoughts, Kinari pumped soap into her hands. Three hundred years locked inside a drifting coffin, devoid of all contact with others, was far too long for an oversexed species to go without pleasure. Hands glided over a flat stomach, and drifted down her thighs. Soap bubbles trickled over fine, translucent scales; fingertips teased fragile skin. Yearning ignited inside her, begging for further gratification.

Terminal Affair - a short story by Allen DuskTerminal Affair
by Allen Dusk

Specialist Kinari has been assigned to a critical assignment team, which had been dispatched deep into space. The most important mission of her life lies before her, but as a member on an over-sexed species, there are carnal desires she must satisfy before she can accept the gravity of the situation surrounding her.

“Terminal Affair” was specifically written for The Kiss Me Quicks by Rose Caraway, one of the most popular erotic podcasts online today.

I was extremely honored when Rose personally asked me to submit a story for her new project. Rose Caraway has one of the sexiest reading voices I have ever heard, and each of her episodes features original stories, music, and other bits of content for her true fans. I’m sure you’ll be addicted to her erotica just as I am.

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