Dark Discussions Interview for Shady Palms

It’s been a while since I appeared in a podcast, so I was very excited when Philip from Dark Discussions requested an interview for my novel Shady Palms.

Listen to Episode 101 of Dark Discussions

I have been listening to Dark Discussions for a long while now, and it’s great to see them reaching over 100 episodes. Few podcasts ever make it this far because people seldom think about how much work it takes to create and distribute media like this on a constant basis. Horror fans will get a kick out of Dark Discussions because it features open, honest discussions about horror movies, books, games, and other dreadful media both past and present.

While recording the interview Philip told me that my segment would be appearing on the 101st episode where they would also be discussing the old creature-feature Them! How cool is that? When people ask me about a quick summary of Shady Palms, I always tell them it’s like a gritty mash up of Them! meets an episode of 24. In addition to the discussion on my book and Them!, they also discussed the 1925 horror classic Phantom of the Opera. The Phantom is one of my all-time favorite literary characters, and a major influence on my style of tragic erotica.

It was a pleasure to be on the show, and I’d be glad to do it again in the future.

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