Rotten Rantings Interview for Shady Palms

I spent the day before Halloween chatting with Katie Rots of the Rotten Rantings podcast. We talked for almost an hour about Shady Palms and some of the other projects I have coming up next year, including Old Mill Road, The Girl Alone, and my plans for the Proteus Bell series. You can check out my interview and her review of Shady Palms about halfway through Episode 21.

Listen to Episode 21 of Rotten Rantings

Katie was a super-cool interviewer and a pleasure to talk to. We both like Guinness beer so it was easy for me to imagine we were at a bar throwing back pints while we talked horror.

If you’re a horror movie fan and you’ve never listened to an episode of Rotten Rantings, then I suggest you check out their show. Katie and co-host Chris Robo not only review horror movies but often embark on deep discussions about what they loved and hated within the plot. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve argued plot points and makeup effects with my friends so it’s nice to know others also do it.

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