Shady Palms – 100 Pages

I am happy to announce that I have passed the 100 page mark while writing the first draft of Shady Palms. As I have stated numerous times before, my free time is few and far between lately, so I typically only get a few days a month to work on it.  If I could devote my time solely to writing, I would have probably been wrapping up the final draft of the novel rather than patting myself on the back for achieving another small mile-marker.

I think most all aspiring writers have their own personal roadblocks they have to overcome when crafting a story. For me it’s the 100 page mark.  When I started writing years ago, I would be happy with the occasional short story that ran 40-60 pages long. Then when I started writing screenplays, most were around 90-100 pages until I tackled Old Mill Road, which is currently sitting around 135 pages and desperately in need of a final review.

As I cross the 100 page mark, I’m actually at 111 pages as of this blog post, I think the story is exactly where it needs to be.  My main characters are defined, the intrigue is in the air, key plot points are set in motion and the blood is spraying across the walls ever so often.  When it comes to drawing from the original source material, I’m about halfway through the old screenplay and I’m staring at page #7 of my 14 page treatment. All signs point to the middle of the story, but I know there is more to this story to tell.

If you will excuse me, I’ll get back to writing the story for you…you’re really going to love this when I’m done.

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