Shady Palms – Part Five – Second Draft

Despite the fact I am on 2 new committees at my day job and we are moving forward with some advanced training, I am happy to announce I have completed the rewrite of “Part V: Extermination” of my Shady Palms novel.

Things are moving along quite nicely now and I hope to have this rewrite completed by the end of September. I only have seventy pages left, but I have a feeling that the story will continue to grow when I add some detail to the final chapters. So far, the word count has crept past 87,000 and I am up to 298 pages of manuscript. To save space I only put page breaks between the different Parts of the book and not between chapters. It seems every publisher requires  different formats for submissions, so it can become quite bewildering when planning a manuscript.  Once I narrow my selection of potential publishers, I will worry about shaping the manuscript with their format requirements.

In addition to the rewrite, I have been brainstorming on viral marketing and merchandising for the book. I have an editor all lined up and two others waiting in the wings just in case I need to execute Plan B.  While the book is away at the editor, I will start working on some short fiction pieces I have been thinking about for a while and I am going to dust off an old novella called Dark Obsession and turn it into an eBook.

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