Shady Palms – Part One – 1st Draft

I am happy to say I have completed the first draft of the first part of the novel, after several weeks of due diligence.

After much deliberation I decided to break the story into three parts. This was mainly because the characters from the beginning of the story have nothing to really do with the characters in the middle of the story, but their actions are the catalyst for the rest of the story. I guess I could liken it to writing a story about the nuclear testing on the islands where Godzilla came from and then later writing a story about the emergence of the giant, fire-breathing lizard that destroyed Tokyo. In my case it’s mutated insects, but radioactivity still plays a key part in the story.

I have also been doing substantial research for the story in my precious spare time. My topics of study have included medical radiation therapy, bomb building, and bedbug allergies.  After the events of the past weekend with the terrorist trying to detonate a car bomb in Times Square, it reinforces to me how real the world in my story actually is, with the exception it will one day be crawling with mutated insects. Now I’m just waiting for the FBI to come knocking on my door since  I have been rampantly searching Google with terms such as “Oklahoma City Bombing”, “Fertilizer Bombs” and “Dirty Bombs”. If the agents show up to question me, maybe they will offer to serve as technical consultants for the story.  As of right now, I am relying on various movies and reruns of The X-Files to conjure up my theories of how they would conduct their anti-terrorism investigations.

I am confident that if I can continue at this pace, I should be able to complete the first draft of the novel by the end of the year. With the summer months headed my way and my regular job slowing down, it certainly seems promising.

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