Shady Palms – Part Three – 1st Draft

I just finished writing Part III of the Shady Palms novel. For the time being I am calling it “Larva”. Originally I had called it “Infestation”, but I have decided to use that title for Part IV.

In the end I have no idea really how the book will be divided into Chapters and Parts. Currently I am using “chapters” to break up the story between characters and “parts” to bridge gaps in time. I think it helps move the story forward, but then again I could be completely wrong with my methods. I am currently over optimistic and toying with the idea that I may actually have the first draft completed by October. Whether I am ahead of schedule or not, once I go back and start working on the second draft I’m sure a lot of stuff may change.

Oh well, time to top guessing and get back to the story.

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