Shady Palms – Part Two – 2nd Draft

The holidays are finally over. I’m over being sick. Now the rewriting can continue on schedule.  I’m happy to say that finally finished writing the second draft of Part Two. For the first time during my rewriting, I discovered the need to add a new chapter to explain some actions I previously only discussed in a paragraph.  I thought it was important to detail the events and add some emotion to them rather than quickly mention them, especially because it adds more development to one of my main characters.  I fell back on the ol’ “show don’t tell” advice and really showed it! The story has swelled to over 82,000 words now.  I promise I’m cutting a lot of stuff out and simplifying items I’m usually redundant about, but I think the new words continue to enhance the story.

In addition to working on this story, I have also been tinkering around with an outline for a short piece of flash fiction and developing plot points for a future book I would like to call Shadow Ward.

In efforts to make myself a better writer, I have also been listening to old episodes of The Writing Show and Writing Excuses podcasts.  They are loaded with great advice from numerous authors and offer varying viewpoints and methods for story mechanics.  I also purchased the book Self-Editing for Fiction Writers.  It offers great advice with numerous examples of ways to edit a story.  In addition to offering advice, each chapter contains several writing exercises at the end.I think that’s it for now.  I’m 1/3 of the way done with the rewrite.  Yay for me.

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