Welcome to the Shady Palms

It’s been a long time, but I have been busy writing as I have promised. I have basically completed the first serious version of the script for Old Mill Road. I have shelved it for a while as there are some rough spots that need smoothing and I want to take a fresh whack at it after the holidays.

I had started work on the novel for Cinco de Mayo Massacre a long time ago but I could never get past the first chapter, so I shelved it after staring at the screen with writers block for several days. The story was all written in a treatment I did a while ago, but

After some serious thought I pulled out the 1/2 completed screenplay and 14 page treatment for Bedbugs from Hell. After a lot of thought I finally decided to make this my next official writing project and my first novel that I will seriously attempt to get published. Rather than just call it the same things, I thought I would name the book after the Shady Palms Motel that is the centerpiece of the story.

The great thing about this project is that the story is basically written. Now I just have to fill in the gaps and add some detail. I don’t have to worry about special effects or other film related crap. I can just write the story the way I see it and then it’s done. If a large publisher rejects it, I can always self-publish through Amazon.

Given the fact I have little time to write anymore, I think I am giving myself a year to come up with a solid first draft for this one. We’ll see, I’ve always been one to play it by ear, so maybe I’ll fall into a good creative streak and push this puppy out faster.

I plan to publish an update update every time I complete a major portion of the book. Stay tuned for the latest updates on my projects, follow me on TwitterFacebook, RSS, or subscribe by email through the form below:

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