Spending some time with The Girl Alone

Plans for The Girl AloneI’ve been teasing at The Girl Alone for a bit now, as it’s been a project I’ve been playing with between everything else I’ve been working on. Earlier this year I even went so far as to write “Last Call“, which was a prequel for this project. I’ve been getting a few email and comments from people who are curious about the project, so I decided to write this quick post to bring you all up to date.

Who is The Girl Alone?
The Girl Alone is an erotic serial following the exploits of a young woman named Gabby whose is life is falling apart around her. Hiding from her pain in a whirlwind of nightclub beats and strong drinks, she discovers sex with strangers is the only way to stave off her mounting depression. However, like any powerful drug, each exhilarating encounter only leaves her craving more. Gabby will need to learn from her mistakes so she can rebuild her life, or she risks losing it all, and at the end of the night she’ll the girl sitting alone at the end of the bar with nothing else to live for.

What is The Girl Alone?
This is a 50,000 word novella which will be released in serial format with one chapter posted online every week. I’ve scripted in a lot of cliffhangers, so hopefully they’ll bring you back the following week. Readers will also be able to subscribe to the story by email so it’s delivered straight to your inbox when a fresh chapter is posted. At some point there will be a complete ebook, and trade paperback – but I’m toying with the idea of doing an audiobook which may also be cut up and released in a serial podcast format.

I would describe The Girl Alone as an emotionally dark erotic mystery. I know the descriptor above doesn’t lead to that, but I like to surprise me readers. While there are other elements to the story, I dare not even drop a hint of what they are right now because they could potentially spoil some of my twists. If you like my style of erotica, then you will enjoy this story.

When can we read it?
I’m hoping to have the first chapter online in October or November of 2013. I wish I could be a little more specific, but it’s kind of a fluid project. As I am still tied to a real job, and family responsibilities, as most writers out there, there may be an additional setback or two. I would say just click over to GirlAlone.AllenDusk.com and sign up with your email. It’s completely free, I never spam, the whole thing really just an email service that reads my blog post and send it straight to you, so there’s nothing to lose, and you’ll never miss a chapter.

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