The Girl Alone – 2nd Draft More Than Halfway There

I should have completed The Girl Alone by now, but I allowed myself to get distracted for a few months. My friend Rose Caraway invited me to work on a special project, and I over-ambitiously volunteered another story as well. I found myself grappling with cramming a much more complicated story into an impossible word count requirement. Those of you who follow me on Twitter experienced a glimpse of my dilemma. I’ll have another post on this project when it it’s published. As frustrating as it was, I actually enjoyed the challenge. Writing is never an easy task, and one should never expect it will be. Now that exercise is over, I can return to my girl who has been patiently waiting alone.

The story of The Girl Alone is coming along nicely, and I think I’m expanding the concepts where they need expanding. In addition to writing the story, I’m toying with ideas how I will spread the word of this erotic experience. I’ll post the entire story online for free, one chapter at a time, as I receive them back from my editor. In addition to chapters, I’ll post information about the inspiration for the story, concept art, and photos of the creative process. I’ll also hold several different contests to help readers embrace the experience.

Fall is upon us, I think I finally have the cover art dialed in. Very shortly, you will all meet this character I’ve been working on for over 2 years now. Although you will all get to know her, you will eventually learn why she will forever be, The Girl Alone.

The final cover art for The Girl Alone, designed by your’s truly:

The Girl Alone Cover by Allen Dusk

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