Pixie Cut (formerly Eye Buzz) – 2nd Draft

Well, I managed to meet my goal of having the second draft of the story completed before Thanksgiving. This will give my beta readers plenty of time to read over the draft and give me some feedback while they are stuffing their gullets with turkey.

After some soul searching, and realizing I kind of took my own spin with a mythical creature, I decided to rename “Eye Buzz” to “Pixie Cut”. I think the name is far more fitting and self-descriptive for my readers, plus I grew tired of watching my wife roll her eyes at me every time I said the title. By the end of the year I plan to push this one out to eReaders. I’m busy working on a cover and writing up a suitable synopsis.

After “Pixie Cut” is polished like a diamond and handed over to the rabid readers in the world, I’ll wrap up the first draft of “Z3R0S”. If all goes according to plan, I’ll publish it on Valentine’s Day, which seems suitable since it will be my first piece of erotic sci-fi.

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