Black Sun Bound – narrated by Rose Caraway

Black Sun Bound by Allen DuskWounded in battle, her ship critically damaged, Jhera is forced to seek repairs at a criminal outpost orbiting a dead star. Drunk on alien wine known for its sensual side effects, she wanders into the red light district searching to satisfy the desire burning within her. With money to burn, and time to kill, Jhera indulges herself with a stable of sex-cyborgs programmed to satisfy the most deviant fantasies in the universe.

“Black Sun Bound” is included in the Halo Sex episode of Rose Caraway’s “The Kiss Me Quick’s” and features music by Nine Inch Nails.

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This episode also features “Dear Doctor” written by Salome Wilde and narrated by Lucy Malone, “Broken” written by Raziel Moore and narrated by Rose’s very own Big Daddy. It’s two hours of erotic awesomeness.

When Rose asked me to write a story for this project I immediately felt the need to further explore the universe I created for “Terminal Affair.” While “Black Sun Bound” is not a direct sequel, I did include a few nods to the other story, and I expanded a smidgen further  on the lore the notorious Black Armada. Inspired by Nine Inch Nails pounding through my headphones, I took some notes I had made for a potential sex-cyborg story, and the plot practically wrote itself. The tone is dark, it gratifies S&M and the sex-slave trade, not to mention there are undertones of amputation and cum fetishes. Originally I was going to have the sex-cyborg be female, but after considering Rose’s main audience I switched the gender of the main characters. I think it made for a stronger story with a better twist.

In closing, I’ll leave you with the quote from the Nine Inch Nails song “1,000,000” which helped inspire me to write this story:

Kind of hard
Hard to see
When you crawl
On your hands and your knees
With your face
In the trough
Wait your turn
While they finish you off

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