Diverse Desires – Now on Sale

Diverse Desires by Allen Dusk

I have complied my short stories published from 2011-2012 and packed them into this killer eBook, along with a few pieces of my poetry. “Caught White-Handed”, “Serial Peeper”, “Terminal Affair”, “Pixie Cut”, and so many more can now all be found in one convenient download.

Here’s the official blurb from the “back cover”:

In this diabolical collection of short stories, Allen Dusk drags readers down twisted paths that descend into the darkest shadows of erotica.

A blue-collar thief finds herself trapped in a circus wagon with only one way out. A chief science officer is conflicted between completing her critical mission and satisfying the throbbing between her legs. A Peeping Tom’s fantasies come to life, even though they seem too real to be true. A jealous wife dispatches her husband in a most gruesome way, only to discover he was the only lover who could truly satisfy her. A lonely woman walks into a bar, and gets carried away with her erotic dreams.

These tales and more await the insatiable reader who dares to savor something bitter-sweet and grisly saturating their senses.

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