Greg’s List – Now available from Siren’s Call

Sirens Call eZineI am pleased to announce my short story “Greg’s List” has been published in The Siren’s Call eZine Issue #04. Individual copies can be purchased for $1.99 directly from Sirens Call Publications, or you can subscribe for a year for only $6.00.

I’ve been pretty mum about “Greg’s List” since I wrote it. Basically, I wanted to create a short story that stood alone on its own, but also hinted at the mythology of the worlds I have been creating in my other fiction. The Shady Palms Motel makes a brief appearance in the story, as does the pixie character I created for Pixie Cut. If everything goes the way I have currently planned it then these worlds will collide again a few years from now. I have no idea what the book will be called, but I would like to take Special Agent Jack Daniels from Shady Palms and pit him against the tech-loving pixies I’ve created. It should be a match made in heaven. Anyway, that won’t happen for a few years. Sorry, but I’ve got a lot of other gristle to chew through on my plate.

I’ll leave you with my teaser for “Greg’s List”:

Everybody has a List, don’t they? A List of all the celebrities they fantasize having erotic encounters with, should the chance arise. Greg has a List, but there’s only one woman on it, and she doesn’t even exist in our world. However, Greg has found a way to make his fantasy as real as possible with the help of modern technology. Hopefully his fiancé doesn’t learn that he spent all of their wedding money trying to do it.

Please support The Siren’s Call and grab Issue #04 which features my story, or better yet just subscribe for a whole year for $6.00. ($6? For a year? That’s less than the cheesburger I just ate and way more filling) so you can read a lot of other great stories, most of which are probably way better than mine. Cheers!

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