Pixie Cut – Now Available in Peep Show, Volume 2

Peep Show Volume 2 from SST PublicationsFinally, I can announce that my short story “Pixie Cut” will be available for human eyes to read this December, exclusively in Peep Show, Volume 2 from Short, Scary Tales Publications Publications. This anthology features fifteen original tales of erotic horror from award-winning authors and excellent newcomers. Some of the stories in this collection are shocking and disturbing.These new tales of sex and death are sure to make your spine, and a couple of other things, tingle.

The trade paperback of Peep Show, Volume 2 is available for purchase through Short Scary Tales Publications. From what I’ve heard, it should be shipping this December.

“Pixie Cut” is a horror story ripped from today’s headlines. A tech blogger finds a prototype smart phone in a bar, which he had previously seen in the hands of a beautiful woman. Rather than attempt to return the phone right away, he decides to hang onto it for a while so he can leak its secrets onto the Internet. Little does he know the mysteries of this phone are rooted deep with evil.

It’s taken a little over a year for this story to make it to print. I came up with the idea while sitting in a creative panel at the 2011 Comic-Con International in San Diego. Originally it was going to be about a guy who found a phone which belonged to a vampire, but let’s all face it, vampires are becoming a tad bit stale these days. So I thought long and hard and developed a new creature of my own. This creature also makes an appearance in “Greg’s List” and I foresee them making a few more appearance in my short stories before they get a novel of their own. I’m not exactly sure how it’s going to pan out, but sometime after I release Shadow Ward, there will be one final novel that pits Special Agent Jack Daniels up against these creatures. It will probably have something to do with ancient magic and the end of the world, but I’m just brainstorming at this point.

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