Serial Peeper – Now Available in Horror-tica

Horror-tica from Cruentus Libri PressIt’s been a long time coming, but after a few short delays my short story “Serial Peeper” is available in the Horror-tica anthology from Cruentus Libri Press.

Here is there official description of the book from the publisher:

The point of a tongue licks its way across full, red lips. They part, showing perfect white teeth. The mouth opens wider, the better for kissing…or biting?

Cruentus Libri Press is pleased to bring you sixteen tales of erotic horror fiction, intended to quicken your pulse and stop your heart at the same time. These stories of sex and death will either chill you to the bone, are get your blood boiling…perhaps both.

Horror-tica features stories from some of the world’s finest horror writers, including Aaron Runyon, Jennifer Loring, Kimber Vale, Chris Roberston, Essel Pratt, Joseph A. Pinto, Naching T. Kassa, Jody Neil Ruth, Kevin G. Bufton, Matt Moody, Brandon Cracraft and Anah Rose, Jay Wilburn, Deb Eskie, Ken Goldman, Allen Dusk and Sheri White.

My entry into the Horror-tica collection, “Serial Peeper” is a short story about a delivery man who stumbles upon a beautiful woman at the end of his route. He knows he should leave her well enough alone; after all he’s on the run from his own checkered past. Her image haunts him until he can no longer resist the urge to sneak back for a peek through her window, so he hides up in a tree, and eagerly waits for the show to begin. Little does he know that he’s the main attraction for that evening.

The concept for “Serial Peeper” had been rattling around in my brain for about 6 years in different variations. For the longest time I wanted to turn it into a short film project, but it just sat in my notebook as just a concept with a few notes. I was preparing to publish the story as a stand-alone eBook when I spotted the call for submissions for Horror-tica. It seemed too perfect to be true, so I submitted, waited, and was finally notified I made the cut. Now I’m very excited that this story is now available for readers to enjoy.

Support all the great authors who contributed to Horror-tica and grab your copy today!

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