Wrappings and Rapture – Now Available in Canopic Jars

Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and MummificationI’m pleased to announce my short story “Wrappings and Rapture” has been included in the debut horror anthology Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and Mummification from Great Old Ones Publishing.

Here is the official blurb from the publisher:

“From a filmmaker’s perspective, these stories are truly cinematic, with compelling plots and well-drawn characters … It’s anthologies like these that will inspire a new generation of storytellers and keep the current ones working overtime to move and entertain.” From the Foreword by Patrick Rea, director of the Lionsgate Film, Nailbiter.

Their desiccated corpses creep through dusty desert crypts and cursed bogs; crowded old world bazaars and desolate no man’s lands. Most of all, they haunt the darkest of our dreams, unleash the deepest of our fears, for once they were us. Exhume terrifying secrets and unravel truths best left entombed. A horror anthology including tales from H. P. Lovecraft, T.G. Arsenault, Michael Bailey, Eric S. Brown, Judi Ann Calhoun, Tracy L. Carbone, Karen Dent, Roxanne Dent, Jonathan Dubey, Allen Dusk, Melissa M. Gates, Marianne Halbert, David Hayes, Michael Hughes, Joe Knetter, Esther S. Leiper-Estabrooks, John McIlveen, Gregory L. Norris, Philip C. Perron, Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Douglas B. Poirier, James Pratt, M.J. Preston, Kyle Rader, Suzanne Robb, Gord Rollo, Lawrence Santoro, Brett A. Savory, B.E. Scully, Henry Snider, and Erin Thorne.

Not to brag, but this was an “invite only” H. P. Lovecraft themed anthology, and I was very excited to be invited. I was further humbled by having my manuscript actually accepted for publication. I thought long and hard about what to write about for this one. One night the idea hit me, and my fingers were racing across the keyboard. Attempting to write something with my twisted version of horrific erotica, and keep it tame for the general audiences, was no easy task – let me assure you of that. I’m normally not a fan of first person prose, but I decided to utilize it this time so readers could get inside my main character’s head. This way they could hopefully get a true feeling what was going on inside his head. In the end I hope you’ll enjoy my spin on “the ol’ mummy” tale, and if I did my job right you’ll never look at their shriveled corpses the same way again.

This is by far the largest anthology I’ve been a part of. In addition to my meek entry, there are 29 other amazing tales of mummies and mummification in Canopic Jars. I’d suggest you grab a copy before the sands of time bury it forever.

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