Planchette – a short erotic film

Planchette is a love letter to 80’s B horror movies, complete with all of their VHS glitches and synthesizer glory. In the shadows of a darkened apartment, a witch accidentally summons a mischevious spirit. The spirit quickly takes the upper hand, and vaporwave hues bathe their bodies as they embark on a journey of satanic lesbian domination.

The short erotic film was written and directed by Allen Dusk, and it features Penelope Davenport as the witch and Monday Jones as the satanic dominatrix.

Almost immediately after Ostara was released, Allen began planning his next film project. He had an idea of the story he wanted to tell, but he wanted to explore a new visual style. He was originally considering a high contrast black and white approach when one night he stumbled across the band Dance with the Dead and the idea hit him… he would make his next film a darkwave erotic film.

Working on a shoestring budget, Allen practiced with his editing tools until he developed several custom styles that he had come across while researching synthwave and darkwave albums. Next, he summoned the courage to ask for permission to use the track Her Ghost from Dance with the Dead’s album The Shape – and they were kind enough to grant it!

Planchette has been screened at these film festivals:

OFFICIAL SELECTION SPLICE Film Fest 2020Official Selection Hot Bits XXX Film Festival OFFICIAL SELECTION Hacker Porn Film FestivalOFFICIAL SELECTION Nachtshatten BDSM/Fetish Festival 2019

Planchette - a short erotic film by Allen DuskStarring Monday Jones & Penelope Davenport
Written & Directed by Allen Dusk
Music by Dance with the Dead
Makeup by Z
Running Time: 3:20 minutes