I’m Launching a Live Stream Show!

Gathering Darkness - Going Live - October 2nd and 3rdWhat the heck am I getting myself into? I’m not quite sure yet, but I have an idea of where this is going to go.

Gathering Darkness is my new streaming talk show, and I’m launching it this weekend, October 2nd & 3rd at 11pm Mountain Time.

For the past few year’s I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a podcast. I’ve been a guest on other podcasts, helped a friend produce a podcast, but in the end, I could never figure out what it should be about. Thanks to COVID-19, I’ve found myself with a ton of time on my hands. I’ve been working on a few new stories, wrapping up old ones, and watching a lot of live content.

It all goes back to my first erotic story, “Caught White-Handed“. I kept true to what I knew and liked, and the result was a sexy but creepy tale of a girl with a clown fetish. I’ve done the same for nearly everything else I’ve created…sticking to familair ground.

While I’m sticking to familiar ground with Gathering Darkness, I’m also sticking my neck out. By and large, I’m very introverted. I hate looking at myself. I hate the sound of my own voice. I’ve never thought very much of myself. Rather than hide behind finely edited words in a story, I’ll be talking and interacting with people in real time.

I was originally going to call the project The Sexy and Sinister Hour, but people would probaly be disappointed when they found a middle aged dude live on cam, rather than a goth babe in a low-cut shirt with a pentagram tattoo sneaking past the lacy edge of her bra. After raging through a few thesaurus searches, I typed in my name, Dusk, and the phrase “gathering darkness” appeared in one of the results. It’s the one that stuck because it’s essentially just another way of saying me, without saying me 🙂

Join me live on Twitch. We can hang out, talk horror, erotica, sci-fi, writing, movies, photography, and all sorts of other stuff.

Allen Dusk - Gathering Darkness - Live Stream on Twitch

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