The Girl Alone – 1st Draft Completed

The Girl Alone - 1st Draft CompletedWell, it took me a bit longer than I wanted, but the 1st draft of The Girl Alone is finally finished! I’m very happy with the way the story has turned out so far. I was also a bit surprised how large the work as become. My original plans were to develop a 30-40K novella which would be told in a serial format. The 1st draft of the story is nearly 44,000 words, and over 208 pages long. Some novella!

During the course of the story my characters evolved in much different paths than I had originally planned. As I found myself getting inside their heads and exploring their emotions I realized some of their original paths and motivations needed to make more sense. Rose Caraway and I discussed reasons for these changes, as well as the inspiration for this story, in an episode of her Sexy Librarian podcast a few weeks ago. I’m sure after a little bit more polishing that they’ll be perfect, or at least as perfect as I like things in my own twisted way.

I’m hoping now that the story is out of my head and on the page that I will be able to finish the editing quicker. I wanted to write a much longer post now that I’ve completed this draft, but I’m so tight-lipped about my story I don’t want to spill more beans than I have. If I’m lucky I’ll have this draft edited by the end of July so I can send it away to some beta readers.

I’ll keep you posted.

My Date with the Sexy Librarian

I had the fortune of sitting down for an interview with Rose Caraway for her revamped Sexy Librarian Podcast as few days ago. We spent over an hour talking about Shady Palms, Diverse Desires, and a few of the other projects I’ve worked on, am currently working on and plan to work on. I also shared some of my philosophies and techniques for writing. We also chatted about horror movies and horror books. While many know Rose from her erotic narrations, she is also an avid horror fan and we share some similar tastes. Her husband Big Daddy was also along for the ride, and it was a pleasure talking with them both.

Rose and I have known each other for about two years now. While we have texted, tweeted, emailed, Facbooked, and collaborated with one another, this was the first time we had ever actually spoken. I tried to play it cool, but I think anybody with a good ear can tell how nervous I really was.

Head over to Rose’s Sexy Librarian blog to listen to all of her new episodes, including mine: Rose Gives Allen Dusk Head Hickeys. You’ll need to listen to the whole thing to learn why the heck it’s titled like that.