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Libidinous Zombie from Stupid Fish Productions Contains Allen’s short
“Damaged Melody”
The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica from Cleis PressContains Allen’s short
“Shades of Desire”
Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and Mummification from Great Old Ones PublishingContains Allen’s short
“Wrappings and Rapture”
Horror-tica from Cruentus Libri PressContains Allen’s short
“Serial Peeper”
Peep Show Vol.2 from SST PublicationsContains Allen’s short
“Pixie Cut”

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The Girl Alone - Now Online

The Girl Alone Cover by Allen DuskThe Girl Alone is finally here! Last Sunday I dropped the first chapter of my new erotic serial, as promised. For the next 26 Sundays I will be posting a new chapter online. For those of you who can't stand the wait, the eBook and paperback will be available around Spring 2016.

Some people have asked why I chose to post this story online. In many ways it is an experiment. The return of serial fiction has gathered my interest, but I don't believe in charging people one chapter at a time. I've also been looking to expand my readership, so I thought this could attract some more fans who like dark, mysterious erotica. As with most of my projects, something smaller, is usually the way I practice for something larger. My short story Last Call was my first foray into contemporary erotica with no horror, no science fiction, just two people fucking in a Tiki bar, but it was also preparation for The Girl Alone. If I didn't include some darker themes in the final product, I think  would disappoint my readers, and myself. I like to keep people guessing, and I like to keep guessing how I'm going to get to the ending I've imagined.

Am I worried about losing rights? Not at all. Am I worried about people stealing my work? It's the year 2015. People are going to be complete dicks and steal your hard-earned work. It's just a fact, and if writers spend all of their time cowering behind fears, then they'll never gain the thing they really want: readers. I want readers. That's why I'll also be posting the story on JukePop, which is a free online site that specializes in serial fiction. I may even post the story in a few more places as time passes by.

One of the coolest thing's I'm looking forward to all the extra stuff I am planning for The Girl Alone website. I'll have postings about my inspiration for the project, all the media I've created to help spread the word, and even a playlist for people to rebuild the atmosphere of Club Tryst.

Now the fun part is here. Gabby, my star of The Girl Alone will slowly reveal herself chapter by chapter. Hopefully she'll intrigue you, and keep you coming back for the weeks to come. There will also be contests and prizes - OH YES THERE WILL! Readers will help me spot typos...some intentional...and receive special stickers and buttons as rewards. Those who post photos of themselves with those stickers, and buttons, or even the website, may win autographed books or audio downloads.

It's going to be a fun ride, and in the end, we'll all be dancing with the Devil. Visit and subscribe for free.


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The Girl Alone - Teaser Trailer

The Girl Alone is coming November 2015. The story will be available for free online at and readers may subscribe to have content delivered via email.

Official Synopsis

After a devastating breakup, Gabby's best friend attempts to lift her spirits by treating her to a girls' night out at the alluring new dance scene in town, Club Tryst. The next morning, Gabby awakens hungover and unable to remember anything about the previous night. Even worse, her purse is missing.

Gabby retraces her steps in hopes of recovering her purse, and again finds herself inside the dance club, where the lure of the electronic dance scene bewitches her. Consumed by its nightly ritual of accepting drinks from strangers and waking ashamed beside them the next morning, her life unravels as her appetite for casual encounters blossoms. Struggling to overcome her destructive self-indulgence, she uncovers a connection between herself and Club Tryst's dark past.

In order to rebuild her life, Gabby must push beyond her own sexual limits, and piece together exactly what happened the night her purse disappeared. Mystery lurks behind every corner. Every new clue leads back to the same bartender, who always seems to know what drink to pour, and every drink leads to a new sexual encounter more daring than the last.

Will Gabby recover from her reckless binges and reclaim what she lost, or will she succumb to depression and spend the rest of her life drinking alone?

Welcome to Club Tryst. It's ladies' night, and we have some killer drink specials during happy hour…


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