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Shady Palms by Allen Dusk
Gritty Splatterpunk
Diverse Desires by Allen Dusk
Short Twisted Erotic Tales


Anthologies Featuring Works by Allen Dusk

The Sexy Librarian's Big Book of Erotica from Cleis PressContains Allen’s short
“Shades of Desire”
Canopic Jars: Tales of Mummies and Mummification from Great Old Ones PublishingContains Allen’s short
“Wrappings and Rapture”
Horror-tica from Cruentus Libri PressContains Allen’s short
“Serial Peeper”
Peep Show Vol.2 from SST PublicationsContains Allen’s short
“Pixie Cut”

Recent Updates from Allen

The Girl Alone - 2nd Draft Underway - Finally

It's hard to believe it's been a year since I wrapped the 1st draft of The Girl Alone. I wanted to get it into readers' hands by the end of 2014, but it just didn't happen. Term papers, family reunions, our annual October vacation, holidays, work, buying a home, moving, graduating with another degree. I let a ton of crap get between me and my writing, and I am happy that it is all over now.

In June 15 of last year I had a false start at editing the second draft of the story but after a tsunami of life events I started editing again in March of this year. I'm  making steady progress by knocking out 1-2 chapters a week, in addition to getting involved in all the social media I ignored for so long.

It's not like I really stopped writing. I was writing plenty of things, including 1-3 term papers a week and procedures at work. Not that school is over I have tried to do my best to stick to the school schedule, but instead of term papers I'm crafting fiction again.

Technically I'm nearly 1/3 of the way through the 2nd draft, but most of my projects tend to grow and not shrink. I'm trying to stick to a formula for the chapters, however I'm not going to force the story into a box either. In the end, it should all flow seamlessly, and my readers will finally get to meet The Girl Alone.

Allen Dusk and Rose Caraway – Face to Face at Last

Rose and Allen in the sound booth

Rose and Allen in the sound booth. Photo courtesy of Big Daddy

Over the weekend I finally had a chance to meetup with Rose and "Big Daddy" Caraway. We hung out in their studio chatting about Shady Palms, Diverse Desires, and other projects I have coming out in the near future (hopefully).

For myself, it was a very surreal experience. Rose and I have tweeted, emailed, texted, and shared each others posts for a few years now. She's also interviewed me twice before and narrated several of my projects, such as "Terminal Affair" and "Black Sun Bound". Sitting there in the booth with her right across from me and with Big Daddy running the controls was like living a waking dream. Any moment I was expecting my wife to elbow me in the ribs while telling me to wake up. But it never happened. The dream kept running on...we went to lunch after recording and then hung out in Old Town Sacramento so we could play around in a cool little shop called Evangeline's.

Head over to Rose's Sexy Librarian Blogcast to listen to all of her other interviews, but most of all check out Rose's The Kiss Me Quick's Erotica Podcast and the other works she has narrated on

Listen to my latest interview with Rose through the media player below
or directly from her website.

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